Some questions

1. WHO is William Gibson? Why is he an important science fiction writer, and why is he significant to issues of modern digital media? 2. Who was “Agrippa” in history (Herod Agrippa). What did he do? What’s his place in ancient history? 3. What is Gibson’s poem “about”? What does it say? 4. Why did Gibson choose “Agrippa” as the title? What is the connection between the subject of his poem and the historical figure of Agrippa? 5. How did Gibson present this poem? (It was a digital presentation that was designed to only last for a short time) 6. Why did he choose to present the poem in this manner? How did the presentation (in a temporary, digital form) relate to the subject matter of the poem and to the historical figure of Agrippa? 7. Was he successful in his intention to present the poem this way? If the poem was written/presented in 1992 and planned to be temporary and then disappear, how/why are we examining it now, a quarter century later? 8. Did Gibson really intend for the poem and its digital presentation to disappear, or was he creating a challenge for others to try to find a way to make sure that it did NOT disappear? 9. What does the existence of this poem and its digital presentation then and now say about our current digital culture?

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