First subject, you are walking along a lonely stretch of beach. You find a bottle that looks as if something is in it. You take off the cap and a genie appears. He says he will grant you three wishes, and he also informs you that you cannot wish for more wishes. What would you wish for? Make your wishes carefully because sometimes there can be unforeseen results. If you wish for something like world peace, be careful how you phrase it. Things would be very peaceful with all humans dead or the entire world under an iron-fisted dictatorship. If you wish for a lot of money, think of the story in which someone got it from insurance money for a loved one. Try to wish for things or events in such a way as not to provoke either a personal or world tragedy.


Second subject. you will create your own superhero. It should be done in essay form and double spaced. Some points you might include are: is he or she a person, animal, or plant? Does he or she have a special costume? Does your hero have an ordinary identity as well, such as Clark Kent-Superman or Diana Prince-Wonder Woman? What does your hero look like in both identities? What special qualities or abilities does your superhero have? It isn’t fair to make him or her be completely invulnerable; even Superman is susceptible to Kryptonite. Does it take a special phrase or object to transform your hero? Was there a special event in the past that gave your hero his or her powers, or was he or she born with them? Maybe include some special rescue or feat your hero has performed in the past.

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