Info You might need to complete the paper:

1) We wrote 4 papers and we had to give a speech after each paper to the class expressing our opinions about each subject, and then discuss and vote.

2) We had a lot of reading and writing to do.

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3) Like best about the course: #1 We got to discuss in class and talk to different classmates. #2 Give our opinions about certain topics. #3 feel and act like the character. #4 Learn about other characters.

4) Like least about the course: #1 Presentations. #2 Not getting enough info provided about the papers we are writing. #3 In class discussion is unorganized.

5) What i think should be changed: #1 set the class into groups to organize the discussion. #2 the professor should explain in details on what we should do in class or hand out papers explaining what we should do.

6) Feel free to add stuff from your imagination of a class that has the potential to improve a lot from like reading, writing, presenting and improve your communication skills.

(I can provide more info about the course if needed)

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