Students will choose a recent news article (not a peer-reviewed article) and attend a campus event that is relevant to the course content. Students will write a 3 page paper analyzing the article/event of their choice under the Psychology 101 lens. I recommend choosing one or two chapters to refer to for analysis, but a minimum of two scholarly articles are required. You must present your article or tell me your event of your choosing prior so that I may approve it and provide guidance. Details of this paper will be provided on CANVAS.

All assignments must be done in APA format, 12-point font, double-spaced, and with 1 inch margins. If you are unfamiliar with APA, please refer to American Psychological Association Publication Manuel, take an APA workshop at the Learning Center (AD 232) or the Library. We will briefly discuss APA formatting in the class.

So for this assignment, I’m doing a paper on an event, not the article. I attached the flyer for the event, but the paper can be on either one of the topics I mentioned in the title. Consent, STI’S and Prevention, or Bystander Intervention + Healthy Masculinity.

It’s due tonight so im paying more than what i usually do. Thank you in advance.

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