1. Lab Assignment: Tickler System (For Medical Coding and Billing)Research tickler systems online. Create a 5-slide presentation, using Power Point, describing a tickler system and showing some system examples.2. Lab Assignment: Healthcare Cash FlowBelow are some articles introduced in this lesson that provide tips and techniques for managing a medical office’s revenue and collections. Look through the articles, then write a 4-paragraph paper that summarizes the following:Today you are the manager of ABC Clinic. You are facing issues in your collection department and need a solution to help increase your revenue. What are some ways it might do this?Feel free to make assumptions about how ABC Clinic operates. Enter your ideas into a Word document labeled “CashFlow”Helpful links:Increase Your Revenue Tip #1 – Prescription RefillsThe 9 Essentials for an Effective Year End (and year to come)Seven Ways to Improve Your Patient CollectionsTake a Closer Look at Your Superbill to Ensure Accurate BillingHidden Ways Medical Billing Shortcomings Hurt Your PracticeTop 6 Medical Billing Tips and Best Practices3. Lab Assignment: Financial Report WorksheetLook at thefinancial statements for Middlesex Hospital,then answer the questions in theFinance Statement Worksheet.or download it below.

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