4 essay questions write a minimum of 300 words, but not more than 500 words on each questions

1) What were the key factors behind the rapid industrialization in the late nineteenth century in the United States? In what ways did this rapid change affect how individual citizens viewed economic success?

2) What were the similarities and differences between farmers’ and industrial workers’ efforts to organize in the late nineteenth century (1877-1900)? As part of your answer, consider how these two movements developed over time, their goals, and the degree to which these goals were accomplished.

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3) Examine the rise and legacy of Progressivism in the United States. What trends in urban and industrial America facilitated the rise of Progressivism? How did progressives seek to address perceived deficiencies within society? In what ways did progressives attempt to implement social control upon society? What was the legacy of these efforts in the United States?

4) What challenges did new immigrants to the United States face from 1880 to 1914? How did they address these challenges? How did the influx of immigrants during the late 1800s and early 1900s contribute to the development of industrial cities throughout the United States?

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