Please Check the attached file

Excel/Access Homework Assignment #3 – Access Databases

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Similar to the helicopter example from class, for this assignment you will establish various tables and create the relationships to join them together to create a relational database.

Business Scenario

For this project, you need to create a relational database to capture the sales for your food truck business. The 3 master entities that you should create are: Customer (the students), Product (the food app) and Salesperson (team members). You should also set up a transactional entity that shows the orders for your products.

All data for each of the 4 tables are in different tabs of the Excel workbook that is attached separately to the homework assignment.

Requirements (20 points total)

1. Replace the Product 1-4 names with the actual product names from your food truck business. Replace 5 of the Salesrep names with 5 people from your business. If you do not have 5 people, make up a fictional name for the remainder. If you have more than 5 people, choose only 5 of your team members to identify (1 point).

2. Establish tables in Access to represent all 4 entities (tables) and associated attributes as shown in the Excel document. (5 points)

3. Fields should be appropriate length and type to support the data showing for each attribute. (3 points)

4. Credit Card, Mobile Number and Download date should use appropriate input masks for data entry. (2 points)

5. Currency amounts and Percentages should be formatted as such. (2 points)

6. Input or Import all data from the Excel tables into the Access tables (4 points)

7. Join the tables, establishing referential integrity (3 points)

Send me the homework as an Access database to my email by NO LATER THAN midnight on Friday, November 9.

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