1. ÿ Anesthesia administered to a normal, healthy patient undergoing an esophageal procedure is coded asA. 00500-P1. ÿÿB. 00502-P1. ÿÿC. 00500-P2. ÿÿD. 00506-P1.2. ÿ A new patient comes into the doctor’s office for her annual gynecological exam. During the course of the exam, she undergoes a screening cervical cytopathology smear, which is performed by an automated system under the supervision of a physician. What HCPCS code is assigned?A. G0185 ÿÿB. G7869 ÿÿC. G7452 ÿÿD. G01473. ÿ A new patient is seen for a home visit that involves a comprehensive history, examination, and medical decision making of high complexity. What code should be assigned?A. 99349 ÿÿB. 99345 ÿÿC. 99342 ÿÿD. 993504. ÿ A prolonged evaluation and management service before and/or after direct patient care for one hour is coded asA. 99359. ÿÿB. 99358. ÿÿC. 99361. ÿÿD. 99360.5. ÿ A 57-year-old patient is admitted to the hospital for a hip arthroscopy procedure. The patient is a normal healthy patient with no systemic disease. What anesthesia CPT code should be assigned?A. 01242-P2 ÿÿB. 01202-P1 ÿÿC. 01202-P3 ÿÿD. 01202-P56. ÿ Anesthesia for procedures performed on the larynx and trachea in an 11-month-old child would be assigned to codeA. 00620. ÿÿB. 00625. ÿÿC. 00326. ÿÿD. 00532.7. ÿ A patient returns for a follow-up office visit regarding the repair of her fractured knee. The office visit consists of a detailed history, detailed examination, and medical decision making of moderate complexity. What CPT code is assigned?A. 99213 ÿÿB. 99212 ÿÿC. 99211 ÿÿD. 992148. ÿ Intramuscular nonhormonal antineoplastic chemotherapy administration would be assigned to codeA. 96402. ÿÿB. 96405. ÿÿC. 96406. ÿÿD. 96401.9. ÿ Home infusion with specialty drug administration during a 6-hour visit would be assigned what codes?A. 99606, 99607 ?3 ÿÿB. 99601, 99602 ?4 ÿÿC. 99604, 99605 ?2 ÿÿD. 99603, 99604 ?210. ÿ A patient is seen for a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation. The physician obtains a complete history of the patient’s mental status and does a complete biological and psychosocial assessment along with a complete physical examination. The physician’s final diagnosis is recurrent episode of severe major depressive disorder, without any psychotic behavior involved. The patient also has a history of psychological trauma. What codes are assigned?A. F33.2, Z91.49 ÿÿB. F33.1, Z91.47 ÿÿC. F34.2, Z91.49 ÿÿD. F36.2, Z91.4611. ÿ A 17-year-old patient is diagnosed with a severe form of nutritional anemia. What ICD-10-CM code should be assigned?A. D45.9 ÿÿB. D53.9 ÿÿC. D74.9 ÿÿD. D65.912. ÿ A 32-year-old patient receives anesthesia for spinal surgery. The anesthesia is complicated by utilization of controlled hypotension. What add-on anesthesia code would be assigned?A. 99174 ÿÿB. 92117 ÿÿC. 99100 ÿÿD. 9913513. ÿ Nursing facility discharge day management of 19.5 minutes would be assigned to codeA. 99317. ÿÿB. 99319. ÿÿC. 99316. ÿÿD. 99315.14. ÿ A patient is admitted to the hospital for leukemia. She has a comprehensive history, comprehensive examination, and medical decision making of high complexity. What CPT code should be assigned?A. 99202 ÿÿB. 99223 ÿÿC. 99213 ÿÿD. 9925115. ÿ A service that is rarely provided, unusual, variable, or new may require aA. physician’s authorization. ÿÿB. patient’s authorization. ÿÿC. staged or related procedure. ÿÿD. special report.16. ÿ A new patient is seen for a prescription refill. During the visit, the physician obtains a problem focused history, problem focused examination, and medical decision making is straightforward. What CPT code should be assigned for this service?A. 99214 ÿÿB. 99215 ÿÿC. 99213 ÿÿD. 9920117. ÿ A 7-year-old child is brought to the clinic due to recurrent ear infections. The physician performs a bilateral tympanostomy under general anesthesia. What CPT code should be assigned?A. 69436-50 ÿÿB. 69536-50 ÿÿC. 69426-50 ÿÿD. 69736-5018. ÿ Code 00906 is assigned forA. an angioscopy. ÿÿB. anesthesia for surgery performed on the bony pelvis. ÿÿC. an osteotomy. ÿÿD. anesthesia provided for a vulvectomy.19. ÿ A 25-year-old patient receives a Hepatitis A vaccination. The vaccine is administered intramuscularly in the clinic. What CPT codes should be assigned?A. 90632, 90471 ÿÿB. 90541, 90489 ÿÿC. 90637, 90472 ÿÿD. 90672, 9045120. ÿ A dark adaptation examination with interpretation and report is assigned to codeA. 92326. ÿÿB. 92284. ÿÿC. 92287. ÿÿD. 92325.

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