Each answer should be 2 paragraphs. You need to answer TWO of these questions.

Please answer two of these question of your choice.

  1. 1) Gonda- Colonial Women. Describe the situation of colonial women in North America.

2) McMichael- Abigail Adams. Write a biography of Abigail Adams with examples from her life and times.

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3) McMahon: Beginnings of American Culture. Describe the origins of American culture show how our culture began.

4) Comer-Eastern Woodland Indians. What was the lifestyle of these Indians and the mound builder Indians like before the arrival of whites?

5) Origins of Indian Policy. What were the major elements and individuals involved in the beginning of United States government policy towards the Indians and how did Tecumseh challenge that policy?

6) Brudvig- Pawns of War. Where were some of the different examples at the attempts to educate the Indians of Virginia?

7) Indians Wars of the West. Write a narrative that gives an overview of the wars of the West.


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