Choose a contemporary peer-reviewed research article (THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN SELECTED AND IS THE DOCUMENTS LIST)

Choose three other articles about the same topic (these may be earlier studies – representing the same perspective*). Do NOT use encyclopedias or dictionaries as scholarly sources.

In the 1,000 – 1,250 word article review, include the following (please note the subheadings and placement):

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Briefly state the purpose of the paper.

What was the topic of interest studied?

Why was this topic important (according to the researchers)?

*Which theory, model, or effect was represented (cognitive or behavioral)? Note: This is where you might refer to the other scholarly sources.

What was the hypothesis? If there was no hypothesis, what was the aim of the study?


Identify the method used (e.g., experiment, quasi-experiment, survey, case study, naturalistic observation, longitudinal, cross-sectional, phenomenological, archival).

Describe the subjects/participants/respondents/records (use terms according to the method), how many, from whence were they recruited, demographic information (age, sex, ethnicity).

Describe the method (e.g., if a survey was administered, how – paper/pencil or online).

What did the researchers find? Was it expected (e.g., did the results support the hypothesis)? How can the results be applied? Note: This also is where you might refer to the other scholarly sources.


What was/were limitations of the research (as identified by the researchers)?

What was/were strength/s of the research (as identified by the researchers)?


What was/were the implications (who benefits) – according to the researchers?

What was/were some recommendations – offered by the researchers – for future research about this topic?

That is all. Do not include a conclusion (as the implications take care of that).

Some additional notes:

Use the past tense when referring to the studies.The only time present tense is to be used is in the introduction, when stating the purpose of the paper.

Quotes are not to be used. Paraphrase (and cite accordingly).

Practice parsimony. There is a lot of information to be conveyed in 1,000 – 1,250 words – – be concise.

Do not use personal pronouns.

Do not use slang/colloquialisms.

Do not use contractions.

There is no proof.

There are no facts.

Each new topic deserves its own paragraph. Paragraphs must consist of at least three sentences.

Cite as you write. Refer to APA style for correct format of in-text citations and reference page.

Proofread your work before submission.

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