• Assignment


    Address the following question an argumentative essay of 150 – 1750 words:Does the “ego theory” or the “bundle theory” present a more accurate account of personhood?In writing this essay, you should refer to and cite (MLA) material from Chapter 5 our text, Problems from Philosophy, and the following journal article:Divided Minds and the Nature of Persons by Derek Parfit

    In addition to the sources above, I will also require that you cite one additional peer-reviewed journal article of your choosing.

  • Web Link

    Suggested Article: Selves and Self Concepts by John Perry

    If you are having a hard time finding a journal article for Research Paper 1, here is one to consider. To access it1. click the above link2. click “Full text available” 3. “eBook Cenral…,”4. “Online Reading”Once you get to the eBook, read only “Selves and Self-Concepts” by John Perry, pages 229 – 247.

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