Part 1:

Consider This: Plan Ahead Guidelines

Grading Notes




  • Create worksheet table with correct data and formatted headings

You should create an attractive worksheet that starts approximately in row 7. Headings should be formatted. Using a table style is best.Provide conditional format for GPA column


  • Use formula to complete the workbook table

Please use IF function to complete the scholarship column (if GPA is greater and equal to 4.00 scholarship, then 5000, otherwise 0.Use Vlookup function to complete letter grade column based on the criterion given


  • Create criteria range with headings

Criteria range should start in row 1 and the headings should be identical to the table.


  • Create extract range with headings

Extract range should be to two rows below the criteria range. The headings should be identical to the table.


  • Individual Extractions

You may copy the result of the query and sorting result to a separateelectronic document.

1 sort Student by LN in Ascending order all the scholarship recipients all the students whose GPA is greater than 4

4. Sort students by letter grade and age in descending order





Please check the word document for instructions I am not sure about number three and four here is what I did

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