Use the two attached textbook to respond to the questions below each you can simply copy and past the information from the textbook as long as citation and reference is provided.200 words- Describe how a patient      might present (signs and symptoms) with a new onset of atrial fibrillation.      What are the characteristic of the EKG in a atrial fibrillation patient?200 words What medications might a      patient with atrial fibrillation be prescribed? Provide at least 5 specific      medication and treatment options.  Why would these medication be given, mechanism      of action?100 words- Why would a rhythm be      considered a lethal arrhythmia?200 words- What labs, diagnostics,      or therapeutic interventions might be appropriate for a client admitted      with an acute coronary syndrome (ACS)? Which are most important to      determine plan of care?300 words- List one main purpose for      each of the following medication classes and describe how a nurse would      evaluate if they were effective:nitrates,beta blockers,calcium channel blockers,statins200 words- What is the difference      between a STEMI and an NSTEMI? How are each managed upon presentation with      chest pain?200 words- Give an example of a patient that may experience an MI. What questions would you ask them and why would you ask these questions?

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