Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) oversees the health information exchange activities within the state. On a quarterly basis, it publishes a dashboard of metrics regarding HIE activities. It has been promoting the adoption of e-prescribing since 2007. Part of the dashboard includes e-prescribing adoption and use trending data. It also shows a comparison to the national adoption and trending status. Florida has seen a steady increase in the rate of e- prescriptions since 2007. In 2017, the rate reached almost 75 percent relative to all prescriptions that could have been e-prescribed. Based on some modifications and clarification to existing federal and state regulations, Florida providers can e-prescribe controlled substances (EPCS) through EHR systems that are certified for that purpose, meaning they must not only have a certified EHR system, it must also be certified to EPCS. Pharmacies must also have certified systems to receive EPCS orders. AHCA has been collecting data on e-prescriptions of controlled substances since 2015. Since this is relatively new process, rates are low but expected to increase. As of 2017, 7.4 percent of active e-prescribers have been enabled to EPCS. The rate that pharmacies are enabled to receive EPCS is almost 87 percent.


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