Chapter 5 Assignment

1. Entry level salary data was collected on small sample of college graduates who earned degrees in psychology and biology. Find the mean, median, and mode for each group. If you wanted to persuade someone that they should definitely pursue a degree in psychology, which measure of central tendency would you use? If you wanted to emphasize that it really didn’t matter what they majored in, which measure of central tendency would you use?

Entry Level Salaries for Graduates in:

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Psychology Biology

$30,000 $30,000

$36,000 $36,000

$40,000 $40,000

$42,000 $42,000

$149,000 $49,000

2. Complete the following questions. Identify each item as either a nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio number.

Social Security Number _________________________

Salary ___________________________________

Gender (Male or Female) _______________________

Year of Birth ____________________________

Age _________________________

Class Standing (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) __________________

The time you got up this morning? ________________

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