Students will surf the internet for a news article of a criminal event that can be applied to one of the main theories discussed in class from chapters, 2, 3 or 4 of the text (Pre-classical school, classical school, Chicago school). Students will then write a 1-2 -page analysis on the selected article. The analysis should include:

  1. A brief synopsis of the events of the article.
    1. This is where you will briefly summarize the events in the article
  2. Theory application:
    1. Which theory can best explain the criminal behavior in the article
  1. Be sure to explain the premise (main argument) of the theory (this is where you will demonstrate your full understanding of the theory).
    1. How does the theory relate to the article you select?
  1. This is where you will demonstrate your ability to apply the theory to a real-life event.
  1. Policy implication
    1. Given your knowledge of the incident and your understanding of the applied theory, how would you deter the offender and/or others from committing similar crimes or deviant acts (e.g. what crime control policies and/or programs would you implement to prevent the crime from occurring)?
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