our personal and spiritual beliefs is necessary throughout your career as a counselor.The purpose of self-reflection is to help counselors gain an understanding of their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions so that they do not impose their beliefs on clients. help you gain insight into your beliefs and to help to identify alliance or conflict with the  Virginia ACA Code of Ethics. Learning how to work through any conflict because of your beliefs is important not to harm your client or violate ethical standards.  apply steps to address the conflict.INSTRUCTIONS1) After reading Daniel (2020) text in its entirety,  evaluating the interaction between your personal or spiritual beliefs and the counseling professional values as depicted in the ACA Code of Ethics.  include at least three references. The two of the required 3 references are: Daniel (2020) and ACA Code of Ethics (2014). Additional references are permitted, but not necessary. This is a self-2.) Verify in one sentence that you read the Daniel (2020) text in its entirety.3.) Choose one counseling professional value or code from the ACA Code of Ethics that is in harmony with your personal or spiritual beliefs. Do not choose an obvious value but a value that was not in harmony until you progressed in this program or reliefs?4.) How did Daniel’s text challenge your thinking?5.) Choose one counseling professional value or code from the ACA Code of Ethics that still remain in conflict with your personal or spiritual beliefs. Using the heading: Briefly explain the conflict that you still have to work through.8.) Briefly reflect on how you should work through these conflicts and what this process should entail. ad Daniel’s text.6.)  Briefly explain the harmony between the professional value and your spiritual beliefs.7.) Briefly explain how this value and your spiritual beliefs came into harmony. What was this process for you? How were you challenged to integrate the value.

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