Demonstrate professionalism through daily actions and interactions.


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You are a lead teacher at ABC Academy and Care. In the morning, many of the parents have been dropping their children off late. Your director has asked them about it, and many indicated that they felt being on time wasn’t all that important because, basically, the teachers are just babysitting their children and “It’s not a big deal.” As a lead teacher in the toddler room, you have been asked by your director to create a flyer for parents titled, “Professionalism in Early Childhood Education.”

Create a colorful and informative one-page flyer that includes:

  • Characteristics of Professionalism in ECE
  • Professional ECE Associations
  • List NAEYC’s Core Values of Ethical Conduct
  • 2 Creative Elements: 2-3 clipart images/pictures, colored text
  • Be sure all information presented is unbiased
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