Discussion  1

Using the learning materials to support your claims, respond to the following prompts in your original post:

  • Discuss which demographic trends you found interesting; why did you find them interesting?
  • What are potential impacts of the aging population on the United States as a whole?
  • Discuss life expectancy trends and future population concerns.
  • Identify how these trends and concerns will impact your role as a service provider for aging adults.

Your initial post should be 300 to 500 words, with one to two supporting references included.APA format

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Discussion  2


A multidisciplinary approach to gerontology includes members with different professional backgrounds and skills that can compensate for each other’s weaknesses, as well as collaborate to accomplish goals. This approach provides team members with diverse backgrounds who can provide different viewpoints and experiences for better brainstorming across cultures and respective industries.

Discuss why a multidisciplinary approach to gerontology is needed. Identify the top five disciplines that should be included on a multidisciplinary team, and provide a rationale for why you selected those disciplines.

Your initial post should be 300 to 500 words, with one to two supporting references included

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