POL 151 colleagues–Read Chapter 11 (The President and Congress) in our textbook (SWC, 2013) and complete the tasks. You may also want to review Chapter 6 (The President and the Presidency) and the US Constitution. You will need to build upon your response to DB #13 with regard to your chosen national security topic.

According to our textbook: “Since the U.S. Constitution was approved, the evolution of power has placed the president in the dominant position in foreign affairs and national security” (SWC, 2013, p. 211). But, as powerful as the president is, he is not all-powerful. He must deal with his own national security establishment within the executive branch, the Congress and the American people. In Chapter 6, our textbook authors suggested that the study of the president’s role in the national security policy process involves examining four components: 1) the president’s leadership style (magisterial, bureaucratic, managerial, corporate); 2) the president’s concept or perception of the presidency (constitutionalist, stewardship, prerogative, public opinion); 3) the president’s mind-set or worldview about US national interests, the threats facing the country, and America’s place in the world; 4) how the president brings the previous components together to achieve his desired outcomes.

TASK #1: How would you classify President Trump’s leadership style and his perception of the presidency? (Use the terms from SWC, 2013, pp. 114-117.) How do you think these factors might affect his relationship with Congress on national security issues, generally, and on your topic, in particular?

TASK #2: What, if any, interaction between the president and Congress has occurred with respect to your national security topic? Elaborate.

TASK #3: Based on your understanding of the national security policy process, in which phase(s) do you think presidential leadership would be most important? With respect to your chosen national security topic, have you seen any examples of how the president has exercised leadership? If so, provide details. If not, how do you explain the absence of presidential leadership in this case? Be sure to tie your response to the phases of the policy process.

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