Have to write a 150 word minimum response to the following post.

Thesis: By limiting the amount of personal information that is shared on social media, to information that is not PII or sensitive information, could decrease the potential dangers such as being stalked, spear phishing, and identity theft.


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It is understandable that as humans, individuals crave attention, whether it be directly or indirectly. There are many pros to posting information online, whether it be birthdays, locations, pictures, etc. For many individuals, posting things like those is their only way of keeping family and friends up to date on their lives. Other’s use social media as their work platform; with technology advancing at the rate that it is, it has made it easier to for individuals to find self-fulfillment, self-expression, and entertainment, all from the comfort of their homes.


Although there are many reasons why individuals share their personal and private information on social media, there are also many risks that should be looked at when making the decision to share online. With technology advancing at the rate that it has been advancing, within the past decade, it makes it easier for hackers to be able to steal information just by a single click; once something is posted onto the internet and or social media, it stays on the internet forever. When information is posted on social media, whether it be a harmless post with PII, without knowing it contains PII, could be devastating to that individual; not only can it lead to identity theft, but it can also lead to potentially being stalked.

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