Total Assessment Submission Length: 4-6 pages total submitted through an Agenda, Memo, and two email templates.Professional Skills:Written Communication,Information Literacy,Inquiry and AnalysisandTechnologyare assessed in this CompetencyThis Assessment requires submission of one complete file that includes your memo, your two emails, and your agenda. Save your files as IM004_firstinitial_lastname (for example, IM004_J_Smith).When you are ready to upload your completed Assessment, use the Assessment tab on the top navigation menu.InstructionsBefore submitting your Assessment, carefully review the rubric. This is the same rubric the assessor will use to evaluate your submission and it provides detailed criteria describing how to achieve or master the Competency. Many students find that understanding the requirements of the Assessment and the rubric criteria help them direct their focus and use their time most productively.RubricAccess the following to complete this Assessment:Meeting Agenda TemplateMemo TemplateEmail TemplateIn this assessment, you will create four different types of communication to ensure the protection of patient data and privacy: a meeting agenda, a staff memo, and two emails. Each of these will be in response to a short scenario. Read each scenario and first identify the issue that is being addressed related to patient privacy and confidentiality. Then, prepare a response using the specified method (agenda, memo, or email) that includes the following:Strategies for maintaining privacy of patient health information, and electronic health records, including the importance of safeguarding electronic health records (EHR)Identify technology resources that may be used to protect patient confidentiality and privacyExplain a nurse’s ethical duty when it comes to maintaining confidentiality of private patient information, and list possible implications of not maintaining patient confidentiality and privacyExplain the role of HIPAA in governing electronic health information and provide HIPAA guidelines for permitted use and disclosure of protected patient health informationEvaluate the potential privacy, security, and confidentiality risks involved with using personal smartphones when providing nursing careList HIPAA guidelines that should be followed and possible technology used to help protect patient confidentiality and privacyTo complete this Assessment:Read the scenarios.Complete the templates to create a meeting agenda, a memo, and two emails of your ownScenario 1:A tragic car accident involving an A-list Hollywood actor happened near the hospital at which you work. A member of the care team at the hospital posted information about the actor on social media, which occurred prior to any public disclosure of information regarding the actor’s accident. In an attempt to avoid a similar episode at your hospital, you have decided to schedule a meeting with your staff to discuss the implications to patient privacy and confidentiality, including how these types of situations should be handled. You decided to draft an agenda in preparation.The agenda should include a brief overview of the incident described above and the legal implications involved for the person who posted the information. The agenda should also include the following:A description of how a situation like this should be handled. Include any relevant laws or codes of ethics that apply.The importance of safeguarding patient information (no matter who it is).The technology or policy related to technology that could be used to protect patient privacy in this situation.Strategies you have used personally to protect patient health information.A list of resources for your staff to reference.The agenda should be 1- to 2-pages in length.Scenario 2:A friend of yours has a family member who is a patient at the hospital where you work. Your friend approaches you and asks if you could obtain the latest lab results and physician notes for her family member. She explains that she cannot ask the family member directly because they have not spoken to each other in years, but the friend is concerned with her family member’s health nonetheless. You respond to your friend and explain to her why you cannot do this. After finishing your letter to your friend, you decide to draft a memo to your nursing staff to remind them of the importance of ethical use of electronic health records. Your memo should include the following:A statement on the nurse’s ethical duty to maintain patient confidentiality and protect private patient informationA reminder of why it is important to maintain patient confidentially and privacy for both the patient and the medical practiceA list of the possible implications of not maintaining patient confidentiality and privacyYour memo should be 1- to 2-pages in length.Scenario 3:You are the managing nurse at Valley View Clinic where smartphones are part of the daily lives of nurses, doctors, and patients. You’ve noticed an increased use of smartphones by nurses and doctors and are concerned that this may be compromising the privacy of patient information. In fact, you overheard one of your nurses saying that she used her personal smartphone to schedule an appointment for a patient. You have decided to send an email to the staff outlining the following:The potential privacy, security, and confidentiality risks involved with using personal smartphones in the clinicGuidelines for using smartphones, including what to do and what not to doTechnology or policy related to technology that could be used to protect patient confidentiality and privacy when using smartphonesStrategies you have used personally to protect patient health information when using smartphonesA list of resources that your staff can refer toYour email should be one page.Scenario 4:You are the nurse manager at Cedar Grove Medical Clinic. You have recently hired a new nurse and have taken her under your wing to help her get acquainted with her new workplace. She sent you an email this morning asking you for help regarding a request she received from another clinic to release patient information for a patient that was recently treated at Cedar Grove Medical Clinic. She is unsure how to respond and has asked you for guidance. Write an email to her with the following:HIPAA guidelines for permitted use and disclosure of protected health informationAn explanation of whether she should or should not release this information and whyYour email should be one page.

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