Answer the following questions in 2-3 pages, not including the title and reference pages. Attached is a checklist for your convenience. Thank you!!

1. Discuss the relationship between distribution of muscle fiber type and performance. How might exercise training modify or change a person’s fiber-type distribution?

2. Describe the mechanisms by which muscle glycogen is broken down to glucose for use in glycolysis?

3. Describe how a nerve impulse is transmitted along its axon.

4. What are 2 advantages of fat over carbohydrates for fuel storage in the body?

5. Describe the primary structure of the heart and the primary functions of blood.

Essay Checklist for Success

Use this form as a check list for essays:

· Is the paper double spaced?

· Does the paper include a cover page with name and title?

· Does the paper include headings to separate content areas?

· Does the paper include page numbers?

· Is there a clear discussion of the subject matter using your own writing?

· Do the references that appear in the body of the paper also appear in the reference section of the paper?

· Does the paper properly cite references?

· Are the references from peer-reviewed research or reputable sources?

· Has the paper been spell-checked?

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