Task 3

This week you will be exposed to how types of complexities, risks, and competitive advantages impact the business environment beginning with the important concept of Time Value of Money.

Time Value of Money

Perhaps no topic in this course is more important than the time value of money. It permeates finance and facilitates your answering many financial questions.

Why when you
get your money matters as much as how much money.

Read Chapter 6- International Currency Flow

Read Chapter 7- The Time Value of Money

Watch the video Time Value of Money (8:16 min.) created by Sal Khan – Khan Academy

Read the article The Time Value of Money in Financial Management.

The Time Value of Money is a important concept in financial management. The Time Value of Money (TVM) includes the concepts of future value and discounted value. It is mandatory for a financial professional to know and operate the specific techniques of TVM. Within the present article we present the basic notions and illustrate their application in the field of investment projects. The case studies presented are valuable for an efficient financial management.

Read the article: Why the Time Value of Money Matters, and 10 Ways It Affects You.

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