1. Describe the classifications and of capital assets, including the number and type of debt service funds associated with the governmental and nonprofit organizations researched in Milestone One. I chose North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services for the governmental organization and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for the nonprofit organization. I’ve attached my Milestone one paper. Please ensure that the milestone two is a strong build up on my milestone one paper and that it is even better.

2. Also, differentiate between the internal service funds and enterprise funds of the two organizations i mentioned in #1.

3. I have also attached the guidelines and rubric – it is imperative that this paper is prepared based on the guidelines provided in this document.

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4. I’d like it to be 3 pages with 4 good cited sources.

You will need the link to my ebook. We are reading chapter 7 to help us prepare this paper. Here’s the link:


username: julia.makungu@snhu.edu password: Imani@2018

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