This proposal should be done in CROSS SECTIONAL METHOD.

The submission of the final must be in TWO WEEKS , but the OUTLINE MUST BE SUBMITTED BY SUNDAY NIGHT FEB 17.

Please if you can not deliver the outline by Tomorrow, you may not accept the request.

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* my research question is going to be : what are the challenges that adolescents with type 2 diabetes face in Chicago?

I think you could write about: physical activity challenges , healthcare, medication resistance , depression, diet challenges.

* NO quotation, you can paraphrase but you will need the source.

Final Research Proposal Paper– The final paper should be 8-10 pages in length (including a cover page and reference/work cited section)

• Title – The title of the proposal should be informative and interesting.

• Abstract – The abstract should succinctly summarize the proposal with just enough relevant

information for the reader to have a general understanding of the research. The abstract will

include 2-3 sentences on relevant background information and 2-3 sentences on proposed

methods. While this section is at the beginning of the paper, most authors compose it last.

• Introduction – The introduction section will introduce the reader to the proposal and should

answer the questions of “why is this research important?” and “why should we fund this

proposal?” The introduction should include the research question, a statement of the

problem/significance of the proposed study, the purpose of the study, a brief literature review,

and a hypothesis. A well-written introduction section will start broad and eventually focus the

reader on the specific importance of the proposed research.

• Methods/Research Approach – The methods section should specifically explain the steps and

course of action proposed to answer the research question. It should include specific

considerations pertaining to the methodological approach, like population source and size, data

collection instruments, etc. There should also be a brief explanation justifying the approach.

• Bibliography/References Section – This section will list all of the sources used in formulating the

proposal.(bibliography should have summery , assessment , reflection)

All references used should be included in this section, even if it is for just one statistic.

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