This week we are discussing a contemporary and very upsetting debate over the public display of Confederate monuments that culminated in deadline violence in Charlottesville, Virginia about a year ago in August when a “Unite the Right” (euphemism for White Nationalist) rally marched to protest the movement to remove such monuments.

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If you are not familiar with what happened in Chalottesville last year please watch this (disturbing) footage from the march the night before the violence that ended with the death of a counter-protester.

1. What does the first video and the image I posted suggest to you about the Confederate monuments and their relationship to the period of Jim Crow (beginning in the 1890s with Plessy v Ferguson)?

2. What do you think the relationship between history (learning about the past) and erecting public monuments in public space are?

3. What are you personal thoughts on this tragedy from 2017 and the debate our country is currently engaged in?

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