InstructionsIn this assignment, you will be required to use the Heart Rate Dataset to complete the following:Identify the variables in the dataset.Classify each variable as qualitative or quantitative discrete or quantitative continuousSpecify the possible values of each variableGive a brief written description of what each variable tells us about the data provided.StepsOpen the Heart Rate Dataset in ExcelThere are 3 columns of data. Each column represents a different variable.  What are the 3 variables represented in the dataset?Identify each of the 3 variables as qualitative, quantitative discrete, or quantitative continuous.Identify the possible values of each of the 3 variables in this dataset.Briefly describe what information each of the 3 variables tells us about the data.Additional Instructions:Your assignment should be typed into a Word or other word processing document, formatted in APA style. The assignments must includeHeartRateDataSetrevised.xlsx

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