Need detail duites for each point .

Manage project-wide artifacts:

o Integrate practice documents with PMLC processes and toolset;
o Create standard performance process templates for projects;
o Prepare project initialization templates and checklists;

Manage repositories:
o Manage project startups with repositories, including Jira, TFS, and SharePoint;
o Set up repository for project and manage status reporting;
o Manage and monitor project progress;

Manage delivery status reporting:
o Conduct weekly calls with leadership to provide project status updates and communicate project issues;
o Monitor progress towards data services goals;
o Run practice-based status reports;
o Roll up delivery status reports into single management report/dashboard;

Resource management:
o Provide mid-year and annual feedback for employees;
o Direct global data services delivery team including remote employees;
o Mentor development leads and staff directly;
o Ensure ISC resource support and facilitation;
o Recommend process improvements; and
Ensure effective and consistent communication within team, peers, and leadership team through Global Services organization.

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