JournalAfter completing the Shadow Health modules on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, choose one abnormal finding in your patient’s assessment. Analyze the assessment finding and discuss the potential health risks associated with it. Using the Healthy People 2020 Topic and Objectives list of potential health promotion topics, discuss a potential patient education handout you would propose to use for health promotion for risk. Considering the health literacy resources provided in this module and the Wilson (2009) article, what factors will you consider in evaluating the readability of health education resources for your patient?Cardiovascular Assessment performed-Abnormal findings of Ms Jones include: After Inspection of her Right Lower Extremity, her right leg is noted with 1+ meaning slight pitting edema while her left left has no edema or visible abnormal findings. Upon Palpation of her Right Tibial Pulse and her Right Dorsalis Pedis Pulse I observed No Thrill but pulse is 1+ indicating Diminished or barely palpable pulses.- Chest Inspection – symmetric with no visible abnormal findings.- All other assessments such as Palpation bilaterally of all other Pulses throughout the body, Auscultaion of Pulses and Heart sounds, and Inspection of Jugular Venous Distention all came back normal with no abnormal findings.-Ms. Jones is a 28 year old African American whom presented to Shadow General hospital with a wound to the bottom of her right foot that has increasingly gotten worse (swollen, puffy, pus discharge)-She voiced no heart issues, no heart surgeries no cholesterol or high blood pressure issuesWeighs about 195 lbs-Assessed her BP at a CVS store on her own which read 140 over 80 or 90 as she said.-She has family history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol-Never has issues with swelling only to her right foot where wound is present.-Wound has inhibited her from walking for 3 days and since coming to hospital she’s been in the hospital bed since.Integrate the components of a system-specific health assessmentImplement data collection techniques in a system-specific health assessmentAnalyze health assessment findings to promote health education

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