Week 2: Carbs, Culture, and DiabetesIn this discussion, you will consider the following information prior to responding with your post.In order to fully understand Hannah’s situation, please first answer the following:When are carbohydrates good for us?What are “good” versus “bad” carbohydrates?When are they not good for us or our bodies?What chemistry is involved in their breakdown, usage, and storage?After you have discussed this, consider Hannah and Rose’s situations and think like a nurse!Hannah is a 12-year-old who has had Type I diabetes for a few years. Her mother, Rose, is a strict vegetarian and believes this is also the best diet plan for her daughter. Hannah says, “I just want to eat like all my friends do!” As a result, she often cheats, and lately, there has been a steady increase in Hannah’s blood sugar.What are the first steps you would take, as Hannah’s nurse, to assess her eating habits and understanding of diabetes mellitus?What did Hannah and Rose tell you (subjective) and what did you see (objective)?Guidelines:   Remember, each discussion posting must be scholarly and include professional references, listed in APA format.  Be sure to include both a reference list and in-text citations for your postings.  Also, begin to explore your upcoming assignments.*Credited means stating where the information came from (specific article, text, or lesson). Refer to the 7thedition APA Manual.**Assigned readings are those listed on the syllabus or assignments page as required reading. This may include text readings, required articles, or required websites.***Scholarly source –per APA Guidelines, only scholarly sources should be used in assignments. These include peer-reviewed publications, government reports, or sources written by a professional or scholar in the field. For the discussions, reputable internet sources such as websites by government agencies (.gov) and respected organizations (.org) can be counted as scholarly sources. Outside courses do not include assigned required readings.

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