• Is access to health care a moral right?
  • Why or why not?
  • Remember to respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts with feedback on their opinions and ideas.

* Need PLAG report

First response


Having access to health care is a moral right.  Without access to health care, a person may be unable to address illnesses due to financial hardships. Some costs may not be significant to some people, but for others, it may be their life savings. In an illness such as diabetes, I have seen patients neglect their treatment plan when they cannot afford the numerous doctor visits, labs, and medications that are often needed. I have also seen patients skip their MRIs due to the high co-pay. If a patient has a tumor that would otherwise be detected with an MRI, the condition may worsen while the patient contemplates whether he or she can afford it. If, ultimately, the patient died because he or she was not able to afford the test or treatment, then that is morally wrong on the part of the health care system and the government. Should money determine whether someone lives or dies? Now, many diseases are understood better and there are tests and medication that can treat many of them. It would not be right to have a diagnostic test available or a cure for a disease, and then deny it to someone who cannot afford it.





Second response


I do believe that it should be a moral right to have access to health care because it is the responsibility of all humans to take care of each other. A rich person should not get better advantages in life because they have money. Who is to say that the life of a poorer person is not worth saving if they were to be diagnosed with cancer? That person could be on there way up in the social ladder, but by not allowing them access to health care, they would stay stuck at the bottom and potentially even die.The story of Rosalyn Schwartz shows that her lack of funds and preexisting condition puts her in a situation that will ensure her death, which it does. She could have lived longer if she had access to health care, but she was denied. The trauma alone from not being able to afford healthcare could be enough to kill anyone. I put myself in the position of every person before making my decision, because I would want the same done for me. Life is not only for the wealthy or one class of people, it is for everyone. Preventative care is only possible if health care is readily available for every person. Therefore, it makes access to health care a moral right.

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