– Identify important sources of epidemiological data

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Week 4: Open Forum Discussion


The ideas and beliefs underpinning the discussions guide students through engaging dialogues as they achieve the desired learning outcomes/competencies associated with their course in a manner that empowers them to organize, integrate, apply and critically appraise their knowledge to their selected field of practice. The use of discussions provides students with opportunities to contribute level-appropriate knowledge and experience to the topic in a safe, caring, and fluid environment that models professional and social interaction. The ebb and flow of a discussion is based upon the composition of student and faculty interaction in the quest for relevant scholarship. Participation in the discussion generates opportunities for students to actively engage in the written ideas of others by carefully reading, researching, reflecting, and responding to the contributions of their peers and course faculty. Discussions foster the development of members into a community of learners as they share ideas and inquiries, consider perspectives that may be different from their own, and integrate knowledge from other disciplines.

Course Outcomes

CO#6 – Identify important sources of epidemiological data. (PO 2)

 Preparing the Assignment

All students are required to make one post. You are not required to provide reply posts.

You can use this time to have a non-structured conversation about the web site exploration links below. Provide one fact or element from the web site exploration that applies to the topics from the first four modules:

Web Site Exploration:

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (Links to an external site.)

IHI Triple Aim (Links to an external site.)

Campaign for Action: Fostering Inter-professional Collaboration

Example from a student

Dear Class and Dr. A,

The website that I explored for this week’s open discussion forum is the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. This website explores different topics on how to improve health in a community in many different ways. One fact that I found interesting was under the “topics” tab on how to improve capability. Under this tab, I found a fact that states how leaders should not be afraid to change their minds and the way they think. They should be open to new ideas, thoughts, and willing to adapt to different changes. It is important for people to be constantly open-minded about changes and their willingness to learn. Especially for leaders, it may be hard because of their elite status but they should be willing to take others opinions and use them to improve on their skill sets as well. This relates to the topic of improving healthcare and Health People 2020 because it can open eyes to some leadership on how to expand screening for certain diseases and what screening tools may be more successful than others.



Online Dicussion Forum



Online Dicussion Forum

In my research during this week, I came across a campaign for action website. Just in a few words, this is a website explores strategies that can help foster professional collaborations. According to the site (NOT CITED), it is necessary for nurses to collaborate with all advocates of health education, business, and city planning to promote well-being for all members of the community. One of the things I found interesting about the website is the fact that it has a well-formatted content and also the fact that it is fast to load (Kim, 2016). Having a well-formatted content makes it easier for the visitor to get the message. THIS HERE IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND FROM THIS REFERENCE

Interprofessional collaboration plays a vital role in the healthcare sector in the sense that it blends complementary strengths. Collaboration brings together different experts who then share their knowledge and skills. Sharing knowledge and skills between professionals from various fields helps nurture trust among the experts. Moreover, trust inspires professionals to delegate more duties to each other (Hoste, 2015). This is usually due to the fact that collaboration makes the professionals to understand each other. (REALLY?)

Additionally, Interprofessional collaboration fosters creativity and also promotes a wider sense of creativity among the professionals. Creativity results from the professionals’ role in trying to solve the problem facing them. (REPETITIVE) During the problem-solving process, collaborating professionals are given time to propose possible solutions to their problems. All proposals are pooled together and evaluated one after the other. The best suggestion is selected and immediately implemented (Kim, 2016). All the professionals that participated in the selection of the best suggestion to the problem being faced are then asked to participate in the implementation of the solution. Professionals also monitor the solution to ensure that everything goes on well. (SO CONFUSING)


Hoste, E. A., Bagshaw, S. M., Bellomo, R., Cely, C. M., Colman, R., Cruz, D. N., … & Honoré, P. M. (2015). Epidemiology of acute kidney injury in critically ill patients: the multinational AKI-EPI study. Intensive care medicine41(8), 1411-1423.

Kim, Y., Han, B. G., & KoGES Group. (2016). Cohort profile: the Korean genome and epidemiology study (KoGES) consortium. International journal of epidemiology46(2), e20-e20. (NO DOI PLUS THE CONTENT OF THIS JOURNAL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TOPIC)

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