Personal Leadership Philosophies

Develop and submit a personal leadership philosophy that  reflects what you think are characteristics of a good leader. Use the  scholarly resources on leadership you selected to support your  philosophy statement. Your personal leadership philosophy should include  the following:

  • A description of your core values
  • A personal mission/vision statement
  • An analysis of your CliftonStrengths Assessment summarizing the results of your profile
  • A description of two key behaviors that you wish to strengthen
  • A development plan that explains how you plan to improve upon  the two key behaviors you selected and an explanation of how you plan to  achieve your personal vision. Be specific and provide examples.
  • Be sure to incorporate your colleagues’ feedback on your CliftonStrengths Assessment from this Module’s Discussion 2.My Post

    \ Leadership Profile


    Several scholarly articles identify characteristics of good nurse leaders but offer only a few means by which such individuals could cultivate them (Scully, 2014). Being able to identify one’s strengths could help a leader improve his leadership traits. In this week’s discussion, the Gallup’s (2019) StrengthsFinder assessment revealed five themes of my strengths as a leader. The five themes were achiever, empathy, includer, connectedness, and learner. As a clinical educator in the emergency department of my facility, the position may not be considered a leadership role, but being able to identify my strengths is vital as an informal leader to the nurses in the department.


    The two strengths from the CliftonStrengths report that I would like to improve upon are learner and connectedness (Gallup, 2019). Learners, according to Gallup (2019) have a great desire to know more and continuously improve. As an educator, learning is a steady process for me, and is something that I need to continuously work upon. Nursing competencies are based on the knowledge and skills taught to them (Jamshidi, Molazem, Sharif, Torabizadeh, & Kalyani, 2016), thus, to be able to effectively teach the staff nurses, it is crucial that I enhance my skill and trait as a learner. Meanwhile, connectedness, according to Gallup (2019) means having faith in the links among all things. A leader with this strength believes there are only a few coincidences, and that every event has a meaning (Gallup, 2019). By nurturing this strength, I could help individuals realize that teamwork and group efforts are important in accomplishing tasks, which is important in a busy emergency department like ours.

    Core Values

    Nursing core values are standard components in all clinical and educational nursing settings. The core values guide and motivate the professional behaviors of nurses in their respective work areas (Poorchangizi, Farokhzadian, Abbaszadeh, Mirzaee, & Borhani, 2017). Sherman (2015) enumerated some examples or nursing leadership core values and two that I would like to strengthen are the willingness to tolerate differences in opinions, and a commitment to a caring-based approach to leadership. The two core values will strongly influence the includer and empathy themes identified in the strength assessment report discussed.


    Two characteristics that I would like to strengthen are adaptability and individualization. Adaptability is not viewing the future as a fixed destination, but a place to create out of the choices that one makes right now (Gallup, 2019). In the emergency department, it is important that nurses adapt to the stressful situations occurring daily in the department. Being able to show to my clinical staff that I can adapt to the various stressors in our unit as a role model could help them feel that they are not alone. Adaptive leadership is a trait that needs to be cultivated because even stable situations can become unstable when faced with new challenges. Another characteristic that I would like to strengthen is individualization. The individualization theme allows a leader to be intrigued by the unique qualities of each person (Gallup, 2019). As an educator, I tend to see them as a group of individuals. It is necessary that I pay more attention to their individual skills, attitudes, and interests to draw out their uniqueness and bring out their highest potential.


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    Jamshidi, N., Molazem, Z., Sharif, F., Torabizadeh, C., & Kalyani, M. N. (2016). The challenges of nursing students in the clinical learning environment: A qualitative study. Scientific World Journal. doi: 10.1155/2016/1846178

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    Responses to my post

    Thank you for your post, it sounds like you have wonderful leadership qualities.  I wonder if you have heard or utilize trauma informed care in your nursing practice?  I believe that trauma informed care can help develop all your strengths.

    Trauma informed care is a treatment framework that focuses on the widespread impact of trauma.  Many individuals in the healthcare field are exposed to secondary trauma while working with patients, this treatment framework applies nicely to our interactions with staff as well as patients.  Understanding that everyone has a past, and their current behavior or actions are possibly due to a traumatic event that someone was subjected to brings a perspective that allows people to take a step back and see peoples suffering instead of their undesirable behaviors.  Trauma has a complex effect on patients and providers, and it is important for leaders to understand the effects of trauma can be unpredictable and long lasting (Menschner & Maul, 2016).  Key components to trauma informed care are empowerment, choices, collaboration, safety, and trustworthiness. When our colleagues feel we provide these components to them in their work environment communicating about current opportunities for growth or proactive planning to ensure an optimal learning environment for those who need different accommodations to want to develop themselves.

    Studies show that the implementation of these components leads to positive patient outcomes and happier, more productive work environments (Menschner & Maul, 2016).  Transformational leaders recognize the importance of these characteristics and encourage colleagues to understand that cultures of empowerment, choices, collaboration, safety, and trustworthiness is essential to a well-run healthcare system (Riggio, 2016).

    Understanding trauma informed care helps us better understand ourselves and the reasons for our own behaviors. It has helped me recognize my reactions to situations and their differences depending on the environment or people present.  It really helps create a picture of hope and empowerment for colleagues when one focuses on strengths and can help a person recognize and build off them.  Respect, support, a manageable amount of conflict, consistency, accountability, and open communication yield positive results in a healthcare system. Organizations tend to focus on implementing trauma informed care for patients, but I think utilizing this concept in every interaction helps one recognize where a person is at and helps adapt the leadership or teaching style to fit the other person’s needs.

    Thanks again! -Kerry



    Menschner, C, & Maul, A. (2016). Key Ingredients for Successful Trauma-Informed Care Implementation. Retrieved from

    Riggio, R. (2014). What Is Authentic Leadership? Do You Have It? Retrieved from

    Image result for la galaxy

    Los Angeles Galaxy

    By: Timothy Herrera

    Prof. Phillips

    Spring 2017

    MGMT 350

    Table of Contents

    · Executive Summary

    · Introduction

    · Human Relations

    · Communications

    · Intercultural

    · Ethics

    · Conclusion

    · Works Cited

    Image result for this is la

    Executive Summary

    The organization that I selected is the Los Angeles Galaxy. The Los Angeles Galaxy is a Major League Soccer Team located in the Los Angeles County Area in California. The organization provides a Professional Soccer Team right in the LA area and Soccer fans around SoCal have the opportunity to come and watch the team play. Los Angeles Galaxy besides being a Professional Soccer Team also has academy teams for boys and girls. They also provide Soccer clinics to the public and are willing to help the local Soccer teams as they invite them to come experience a Soccer game. The person who owns the team is Philip F. Anschutz while the President and CEO is Dan Beckerman. The Los Angeles Galaxy’s President and General Manager in Chris Klein and Pete Vagenas are former Los Angeles Galaxy players and want to improve and grow the fan base for the team. They operate and run things as they are always trying to do what is best for the organization as a whole. The Los Angeles Galaxy is the second most valuable Major League Soccer Team as the organization is worth $265 Million and brought in $58 Million in (Forbes). It is the most successful team in all Major League Soccer and are known to start trends that other Major League Soccer teams like to follow. Two examples were when the LA Galaxy were the first in all the league to sign a Superstar, the Galaxy signed David Beckham and not only made the team win championships but also attracted more people to come watch the LA Galaxy. The second example was when just this past October the LA Galaxy launched a fully funded Girls Academy teams as they were again the first in all Major League Soccer to do. One can say LA Galaxy likes to be the team that everyone tries to emulate as the LA Galaxy is the best team in history and in the league. Many teams are trying to now sign up to 3 star players to try to compete with the LA Galaxy and now the league has at least 1 International star on each team.

    Here is the Organization Chart for the Los Angeles Galaxy:

    Image result for la galaxy philip f anschutz Image result for la galaxy dan beckerman

    Philip F. Anschutz- Owner Dan Beckermen- President & CEO

    Related image Image result for la galaxy peter vagenas Image result for la galaxy thomas braun vp

    Chris Klein- President Pete Vagenas- GM & VP Ops. Thomas Braun- VP Bus.


    The Los Angeles Galaxy, mostly known as the LA Galaxy, is an American Professional Soccer Club Team that competes in the Soccer league called Major League Soccer. The team competes in the Western Conference and are located in the city of Carson, California. The Los Angeles Galaxy is the second most valuable Major League Soccer Team as the organization is worth $265 Million and brought in $58 Million in (Forbes). The Los Angeles Galaxy has had a lot of success in the Major League Soccer as it is the most successful Major League Soccer team. It has won the most Major League Soccer Cup 5 times and has appeared 9 times in the Major League Cup Finals which is the most by any Major League Soccer Team in the Major League Soccer’s history. The LA Galaxy is tied for having the most Supporter Shield Trophy’s in which the trophy is given to the team who has had the best record of a Major League Soccer season in which the LA Galaxy has won the trophy 4 times. The LA Galaxy came second in Forbes list of Most Valuable MLS Teams in 2016 as they were valued at $265 million (Forbes Releases Annual MLS team Valuations as Seattle and LA Lead the Way). Not only was this impressive but they brought in the most revenue in all Major League Soccer with $58 million in revenue which is $6 million more than the team who came in second (Major League Soccer’s Most Valuable Teams 2016: New York, Orlando Thrive In First Seasons ).

    LA Galaxy has also been successful because of its recruitment internationally, mainly from Europe. The LA Galaxy has gone out and recruited some top quality players over the years such as David Beckham, Robbie Keane, Steven Gerrard and recently Giovani Dos Santos. These guys were a huge help and were part of LA Galaxy team’s that had won trophies. Not only did David Beckham and Robbie Keane win trophies but Robbie Keane has been the best Designated Player in MLS History (Robbie Keane Easily Has Been the Best Designated Player in MLS History). The players that the LA Galaxy get from Europe has helped them to achieve greatness and trophies in the Major League Soccer. David Beckham was the first designated player to come not only to the LA Galaxy but to Major League Soccer. He paved the way for other international stars to come and play their Soccer in the United States. The designated player rule is also called the David Beckham rule because he was one of the first soccer international player to come and play in the Major League Soccer that’s pay was outside of the teams salary budget (Designated Players in MLS: Every Club Has a DP for the First Time in League History). In the past two Major League Soccer seasons, 2015 and 2016, LA Galaxy has increased their average attendances. It increased their average attendance by 7.5% from last year and is top 5 in all Major League Soccer average attendance (MLS Sets Average Attendance Record in 2016 as Seattle Sounders Lead All Clubs). With this being said, we can see that the LA Galaxy are attracting more and more people each year to their home games. LA Galaxy fans are loyal in numbers and have the teams support each and every year.

    Human Relations Theory

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pertaining to the Los Angeles Galaxy is the first level need that Maslow identified with is Physiological. A great example is the needs of one’s families about them having food on the table, a place to call home and live in as well as having clothing for one’s families. The LA Galaxy is a great Organization as they pay their players well and can always help with their families. The LA Galaxy is known for having a family oriented team and it feels like home to many past players who have played on the team. The Lowest salary amount on the LA Galaxy is $53,000 while the largest salary is $3,750,000 which goes to the superstar International Giovani Dos Santos. The third level in Maslow’s is Affiliation which means employees enjoying and being motivated by social networks and connections with colleagues. In making it relatable to the LA Galaxy, the organizations as a whole is always trying to connect the players on the teams with the fans and use social media as a way to do so. The Marketing and Social Media Team for the LA Galaxy always use Instagram, Facebook and Snap chat to interact with the fans and to address where some LA Galaxy players will be for a meet and great. I remember seeing one held at a Gas Station a block from where I work at and a lot of people were there supporting the players and taking pictures with them as well as signing autographs. The need to feel loved by the fans and a part of the team is what the LA Galaxy is truly known for on and off the soccer field. Lastly, with the last example it would be level four as it is about Esteem Needs. With it regarding to the LA Galaxy everyone on the team is respected to the highest level as all the players are Professional players and are working towards a goal to be the best they can be both as individuals and on a team. When a teammate is doing well everyone acknowledges them doing the things correctly such as scoring a goal or saving a goal. Appreciation towards teammates and coaches is key to the team’s success in order to succeed the goal of becoming champions.

    McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y

    McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y are two perspectives of how managers would look at employees. The Theory X would say regarding to the LA Galaxy is that the Professional Soccer players only play the sport because of the luxury of great payment by an organization and simply only care about getting paid. The LA Galaxy and its players are professional and top class as they always strive to be the best they can be and when they don’t reach that goal it is surely a disappointment. I do not believe Theory X is compatible with the LA Galaxy as the players truly do not just care about receiving their check at the end of the month, these players know what it means to represent this great city and team. With this being said brings me to Theory Y as I believe it associates more with the LA Galaxy than that of Theory X. Theory Y pertaining to the LA Galaxy views its professional players as working but seeing their work as play. Many professional players see work as play as they get to perform athletically and do what they love to do as well as getting paid top dollar for it. The LA Galaxy is an organization that players love to come and play for as they have fun working hard towards the goal of winning the championship. Everyone on the team is responsible for doing their jobs and are dedicated in putting in the work at practices and games. Players are delighted to train to their very best of their abilities even though they know that every player gets paid differently and some make more than others. Everyone knows to give their best every day at training and not complain about wages when it comes to practices as everyone is a team and have agreements with each other on being the best team they can possibly be.

    Peters and Waterman

    Peter and Waterman’s Bias for Action pertaining to the LA Galaxy is that the players are trained to excel in decisive times, are capable to score goals in critical times during a game and to hire the correct coach and people. The coaching staff puts the players in positions during practice to transfer over to the games as they train in making quick decisions to either attack to score when down in the game or hold the ball to run down the clock if they are winning the game. The players have to act on instinct and just do it as they always train and are prepared to deal with any game situation when needed. Peter and Waterman’s Stick to the Knitting pertaining to the LA Galaxy is to simply stick what the LA Galaxy knows what to do best. The LA Galaxy is known for being a High Professional Community Involvement Soccer team as they always like to bring in local Soccer teams to games and have the kids high five the players before the game. It is called “On Field Experiences” and the kids have the chance to be Ball Kids for the game, play a mini Soccer game at halftime, watch warm ups from the LA Galaxy bench as well as high fiving the players before they enter the Soccer field (LA Galaxy On Field Experiences). LA Galaxy is known for being family oriented as well as being a top Soccer team that always competes for championships. Lastly, Peter and Waterman’s Productivity through People pertaining to the LA Galaxy is to hire the right coach and people. People in this situation means Staff such as trainers, assistant coaches and nutritionists as well as players to strengthen the team. Just this past year, the LA Galaxy coach left the team to take on the role of being USA National Men’s Team Coach. The LA Galaxy had to hire a new coach and they hired their LA Galaxy 2 coach, Curt Onalfo (LA Galaxy name Curt Onalfo head coach). Hiring the right coach is key as he direct the lineup and how the team will be playing on the field. Making the correct signings of players is key and the coach is always looking to sign top players to bring to the team.

    Communications Theory

    Time and Distance

    Guffy’s Time and Distance relating to the LA Galaxy can be seen as time away from home, traveling to away games and time away from family/loved ones. When you are part of the LA Galaxy Soccer team you are committed to the team and have to travel away from home to away games as far as Canada and New York. Leaving the comfort of your home and family can be hard at times but it comes with being a Professional Soccer Player. Being away from family half of the year can be hard but family will always support the players when they leave. As a Soccer team the players of the team as a whole are a 2nd family as they spent most of their team with each other practicing, flying to away games and relaxing than their families. They bond with each other and comfort one another as they leave their comforts of the home to compete and play professional soccer with the LA Galaxy.


    Zaremba’s Teamwork relating to the LA Galaxy can be seen as the overall group work of the head coach, team, staff as they all work towards the main goal of winning the championship and being the best team in all Major League Soccer. The head coach works day in and day out to come up with practice drills, team line ups and decides who will sit out on game day. The Staff is basically everyone else besides the head coach as they are all there to support both the coach and aid to the players in order for the group as a whole to succeed. The team are the players in the squad that train each and every day to compete and become the best they can be as well as the best in all Major League Soccer. Working all together as a whole exemplifies the teamwork that the LA Galaxy has as a team and organization as everyone contributes to the group in order to achieve the goal.

    Communication Culture

    Zaremba’s Communication Culture relating to the LA Galaxy can be seen as how one feels being a part of the LA Galaxy team, how one’s own opinions on team meetings play out and how those opinions are heard and taken to make adjustments. Communication involving the team is crucial as everyone tries to be on the same page at all times. Feeling as if you are one with the team and feel that you are a part of the team is key to the team’s progress as a unit. The LA Galaxy feeling is a great feeling to have as many players feel honored to play for a great Soccer team and to play in the Los Angeles area. Having a say at team meetings is key and many players like to speak about what they feel the team can do better to improve and fix mistakes that are holding the team back from achieving. The coach and staff hear out their player’s remarks and the coach decides what the best possible take should be when moving forward with the Soccer Team. The thing about being a part of the LA Galaxy is that your voice is heard and the coach and staff really do listen to what their players have to say. The coach knows it needs everyone to be on board and on the same page to do well and become competitive throughout the Soccer season. Making adjustments along the way is key to keep players happy and keep the staff to do their jobs in making the team’s chemistry and happiness to its highest it can be.

    Intercultural Relations Theory

    High /Low Context Culture

    High Context Culture with regards to the LA Galaxy is that the rules are set, not showing up to practices on time and playing dirty in games. The rules of the game of Soccer is set and everyone on the team knows what will happen if they do not show up to practices and if they play dirty in the games what the result will be. The head coach might fine players for being late or for not showing up to practices as well as the team will suffer if a player plays dirty which will result to a Red card and the team playing down to 10 men. The rules of the game of Soccer is set and there are no going around the rules as everyone knows to follow them or suffer by the consequences. Low Context Culture with regards to the LA Galaxy is that communication with things and one another runs throughout the team. Communication is vital and everyone is used to each other’s sense of being during away games and trainings. No one is alarmed about one’s behavior if they are used to it on a daily basis as communication on the field is vital but if a team has been working together for a period of time body language and hand movement is essential in a game. Many players are used to playing with one another and have different ways to interact with each other without using their voices to speak.


    Barriers with regards to the LA Galaxy is its new city rival Los Angeles Football Club, location in Carson and from a marking standpoint its game attendance. The Los Angeles Football club, LAFC, will be a new Major League Soccer team next year and are currently constructing their home stadium in downtown Los Angeles. “LAFC is committed to building a 22,000 seat soccer specific venue, bringing in $350 million in private investments to South Los Angeles (Banc of California Stadium). The stadium will be accessible from the expanded Metro line, will be an LEED Silver certified building and will have natural Bermuda grass on the field (Banc of California Stadium). The marketing catch for the LAFC team is that its season members and fans will be a LAFC Original as they will be the first to cheer on their new Los Angeles team this year. Many fans in the Los Angeles area may like that idea of a new Major League Soccer team in town and might support them instead of the LA Galaxy. Another barrier for the LA Galaxy would be its location. The LA Galaxy have their home games in Carson, California which is a 30 minute drive from Los Angeles, 45 minutes from Santa Monica Pier, 20 minutes from Manhattan Beach, 30 minutes from Dodger Stadium, 25 minutes from Staples Center, 45 minutes from Hollywood and 25 minutes from Disneyland. Many people would love to visit these great cities and attractions especially on a sunny day which is a weakness on game day for the LA Galaxy. The LA Galaxy want people to come and experience a soccer game but in southern California there are many professional teams, amusement parks and beaches that people can choose from which is a barrier for the organization as they want to grow in fans and attendance at each game. Lastly, another barrier for the LA Galaxy from a marketing standpoint and for game attendance’s are the head coach and the two LA Galaxy players that have left the team this past season. Bruce Arena was the LA Galaxy’s coach for quite some years and decided to leave the club to become the USA Men’s National Soccer Team coach (LA Galaxy’s Bruce Arena to Succeed Jürgen Klinsmann for U.S.). The LA Galaxy have brought in Curt Onalfo and starting the team with a new head coach can be quite a barrier to succeed in the very competitive Major League Soccer. Coach Onalfo will be making decisions for the team and some players may will have to adjust to those decisions. If the LA Galaxy don’t have a winning season at the end of the Soccer season, it can cause attendance to drop for next season. Also, Robbie Keane and Steven Gerard were two important European Designated players that helped the LA Galaxy market and bring in more people to watch their games. Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard were fan favorites as they have played in Europe and had been successful in their past. They were great at Marketing and bringing in more people to the games and with their departure from the team, the LA Galaxy will have to think about new ways to now market the team and reach out to new people to attend their games. The team is focusing in on marketing around Mexican star Giovani Dos Santos as they want more Hispanics and Mexicans around the area to come and not only support Dos Santos but to also support the LA Galaxy.

    Overcoming Barriers

    Overcoming barriers with regards to the LA Galaxy is the hiring of the LA Galaxy 2 head coach, reminding the fans that the LA Galaxy has the most championships won and that the LA Galaxy is providing a top quality team to go see as they have star players and the biggest being the Mexican International star in Giovani Dos Santos. The LA Galaxy overcame a barrier as the hired the new head coach for the team in Curt Onalfo. He has experience with the organization as he previously coached the LA Galaxy 2 last year and has been given the opportunity to coach the Major League Soccer 1st team in the LA Galaxy. The LA Galaxy is well known around the league as being a top level team and being from the Los Angeles area people always like to see them play. Advertising the team as being the most successful club team in the league is accurate and its trophies speaks on its true value. Lastly, the LA Galaxy is well known for bringing in top international soccer experiences as the first every international star signing was none other than David Beckham. He started it all and was a great success in winning trophies with the LA Galaxy, after him many followed and the most recent superstar for the team is Giovani Dos Santos. Dos Santos fits perfectly as here in Southern California there is a great presence of Hispanics especially with Mexican background and people now buy tickets to see the LA Galaxy because they want to see their fellow Mexican player, Dos Santos, play. Dos Santos not only attracts Hispanics but also makes the LA Galaxy tem better with his play on the field in the games.

    Ethics Theory


    Utilitarianism with regards to the LA Galaxy is that the team provides the greatest number of good for the number of people, it gives the people of Southern California a Professional Soccer team to go watch and see competitive Soccer and the ticket prices are a great price for a Professional Soccer Team in the LA area. The LA Galaxy pays their players and staff very well and all of them are connected as they hope to work hard and reach their goal of obtaining the championship of Major League Soccer. Everyone is in with that goal and the mindset kicks in at the beginning of the Soccer season and continues as the season progresses. With everyone on board with the goal, they all have a chance to be champions and being the best at their profession. The LA Galaxy gives the people of Southern California a chance to see the team play in Carson and many people are starting to like Soccer. Seeing the best team in history in all Major League Soccer gives people and fans excited to go watch the team play. Seeing a Professional Soccer game in the LA area is great and many people can see it for a great price. The LA Galaxy charges a great price to see the team play and also gives local soccer teams a chance to have a field day experience as they can even play on the field at halftime. Group discounts are also available and many people come out and watch the team play.

    Categorical Imperative

    Categorical Imperative with regards to the LA Galaxy is to no cheat, players not using steroids or other illegal drugs and players not putting in their efforts at games or practices. The LA Galaxy is a team that has high expectations on their players and know that cheating will not be tolerated. The LA Galaxy is a professional Soccer team and go by the rules in all aspects of the game. They will not cheat in order to have an advantage as they are a professional team. Using steroids or other illegal drugs is forbidden and can result in a suspension by both the LA Galaxy team and Major League Soccer. Players know as professional to not use drugs and know the consequences if they do. Lastly, players know that they will not play in games if they do not put in the work. Players must show their best performances in practices as the coach will have the choice to pick them for the game. I do not believe the LA Galaxy meets this criteria as the organization as a whole has never had an incident or a situation that involved cheating or drugs. Players known when they come to play for this great organization that they have to train well and follow by the rules of the team. LA Galaxy is a fair and great club in which will try to win the game honestly and by the rules as they don’t need an advantage to win Soccer games because they are the best team of the history of the league.

    Code of Ethics

    Code of Ethics with regards to the LA Galaxy is to follow the rules of the LA Galaxy about traveling to away games, to follow the rules of Major League Soccer and to follow the rules of the LA Galaxy as practicing and nutrition comes to play. The LA Galaxy has a schedule that the players must not break as the schedule is set especially when traveling on a plane. The players cannot be late to the plane as they will miss their boarding and will be late to the concentration of the hotel room. The players must arrive at a certain time to board the plane as a team and fly to their destination. Following the rules of Major League Soccer is key and if a player tries to injure another player on purpose it could result in a fine and suspension from the league. One as a LA Galaxy player must follow the rules that the league has placed such as not having the bench players set foot on the soccer field when an altercation or fight breaks out and not leaving the bench area in order to protest as both of these can cause a fine, suspension or both. Rules are there to not be broken and to maintain peace between the teams playing as well as being safe to play the sport of Soccer. Lastly, players of the LA Galaxy are follow the rules at practice and that of the nutritionists as they are there to improve the health of the players. They must eat, drink and relax when and how the nutritionists want them to as they are professional people with degrees in their respective fields. The LA Galaxy players should respect them and follow their plans of eating the correct foods as it can only benefit them in the long run. The team is sponsored by Herbalife and the players are always using that product to stay healthy as professional Soccer players should always be.


    In conclusion, the LA Galaxy are a top Major League Soccer club team and are the best team in MLS history. They have done many things right and I believe that they will continue to grow as an organization and bring more championships to Carson. The three key findings that I found were that the LA Galaxy’s players needs to feel a part of the team and social media helps with that. Fans follow the players on social media and can interact with them when they have meet and greats. Fans are always there to show support to the team and players and love taking pictures as well as having a quick conversation with the LA Galaxy players. The 2nd key finding was the LA Galaxy players spend a lot of time away from their personal family and loved ones. It can be very hard on a Player especially with young children and new born’s as the LA Galaxy has to travel half of the year to away games. Lastly, the third key finding was that the players have to following their trainer’s nutrition plan as well as getting their rest in between practices and games. Being fit is key to being a professional and players are always using their health as best they can to get an advantage on other players and teams. Being fit, hydrated and relaxing for big games is key if the LA Galaxy players want to succeed as a group and have a chance to win the MLS Cup.

    Works Cited

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