Hi, I have one page assignment for a theater class. here are the instructions:

  • Each critique must be at minimum of four paragraphs single-spaced.
  • Font- Times Roman Numeral or Calibri 11
  • Play title is italicized throughout the critique.
  • Do not describe the play’s plot, though you will need to use some descriptions of plot, theme, character, etc.
  • You will need the play program to use specific names of actors, characters, directors, designers, etc.
  • 500 words

The assignment is answer for these questions:

1- What is being attempted? Play right or director for entertainment or to convey knowledge ( InSight into humanity ).

2- Was the attempt successful? did it entertain us? Or did give us an insight into society? Did I individually have insight to myself? or socially ? or the theater experience? and what it was ?

2- Was the attempt worthwhile? Thinking of all the time and people going into the play. Was it a good play for the actors to act in and why? Directors? was it worthwhile for students? and for the playwright? Did the actors learn something new?

Please DO NOT use any sources or citing

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