I need these 2 questions answered in 150 words each with references1. 2×2 TablesWhat are the procedures for constructing a 2×2 table? Please explain how to set up the table, provide a specific example, and how to interpret and use the information generated.Can you provide a good resource for understanding how to construct a 2×2 table? What questions do you have? Feel free ask questions and/or interact with one another to make these clear. Below is a link to OpenEpi that povides some good examples.ReferenceSullivan, K. & Dean, A. (n.d.). Two by two tables. https://www.openepi.com/TwobyTwo/TwobyTwo.htm#:~:text=Two%20by%20two%20tables%20are,entered%20into%20the%20appropriate%20cells.2. Bias Among Study DesignsAre biases the same among different study designs?

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