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My desire to further pursue a career in nursing began while working at AtlantiCare Physician Group as a certified medical assistant in a family medicine practice. I worked in a primary care setting for over five years. I truly enjoyed forming relationships with numerous patients and their families, in addition to acquiring clinical experience. Knowingly I wanted more out of a career in healthcare, I decided to go back to school as a pre-nursing student. I felt by going to school and working in the medical field, I was able to help my family at times since the healthcare industry can be confusing, whether insurance or medication related.  I recently was hired in July of 2015 as an emergency room technician within AtlantiCare at their Regional Medical Center. I chose to leave the office setting because I was eager to gain new skills and looked forward to working with acute care patients in an emergency setting. I am now learning about medicine and patient care on a new level ever since I first stepped on to the floor. I believe I have a well rounded skillset from working in family medicine and transitioning to emergency medicine. I am surrounded by wonderful, gifted nurses that I hope to join in the near future. My employment within the medical field is a substantial component to my pursuit in nursing.

  However, a specific personal experience made my goal even more so desirable. My father became rapidly and unexpectedly ill in the fall of 2014. He was diagnosed with sepsis after a failed total knee replacement that was implanted just one-year prior. My father, once a strong, independent man, was now suddenly bed bound. I was told on multiple occasions from both doctors and nurses that his “prognosis was guarded” due to the severity of the sepsis. His platelet count and coagulation levels were extremely low, therefore making the revision even more of a risk. He underwent a revision three days after his first hospital admission. The surgeon removed the infected knee prosthesis, irrigated and debrided the surrounding septic tissue, and a new prosthesis was put in place. My father was sent to an acute rehabilitation center a few days later and seemed to be doing better by the day. About two weeks later after his knee revision he became sick once again and was readmitted to the hospital. The sepsis was not under control, which ultimately led to complete organ failure in the course of three months. My father passed away January 3, 2015. Putting grief aside, I dealt with remarkable nurses and health professionals throughout my father’s journey. I admire nurses because of the care they are able to provide to not only patients but their families. I consider this to be an essential component of nursing. Nursing is not just about giving medication and charting, rather it is offering comfort and compassion. This is what motivates me to become a nurse every day. 

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