please select the topic as soon as possible.

The draft is due for submission on 5/24- I will extend addtl days once the draft is due

The final paper is due 6/7

Topic Paper Draft The Topic Paper Draft assignment requires you to write a draft (1-2 pages) on your pre-approved topic.

Please select one and let me know so that i can submit it for approval from teacher

Suggested Topics:

  • The fairness of trial consultants
  • Using ‘death qualified’ jurors in capital cases
  • The ‘standard’ in sexual harassment cases
  • Criminal profiling: fact or fiction
  • The scientific validity of the polygraph
  • The constitutionality of civil confinement of ‘sexual predators’
  • Treatment of the antisocial personality
  • Treatment of sex offenders
  • An inmate’s right to refuse psychiatric treatment
  • Personal injury cases and compensation for psychological damages
  • The ‘fairness’ of jury selection
  • Careers and training in forensic psychology
  • Teaching incompetent defendants to be competent
  • The role of the police psychologist
  • Ethical dilemmas in forensic psychology
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