II. Ethical Dilemmas- 2 page paperBefore starting the group, you are confronted with some interesting situations. Please write a few sentences on how you would respond to each one. To provide a complete response, refer to theCode of Ethics and integrate the values, principles, and/or standards into your responses.Before beginning the group, you review the information on the clients who will be attending.1. You suddenly recognize Fred’s name. He is an acquaintance of yours. You have mutualfriends and you often see him at social get-togethers. How should you handle this?2. Prior to working at Horizons, you worked at the local child protection agency. Yourecognize Mary’s name because she was investigated for child neglect. How do you handle this situation?3. During her intake, Ms. Smith is told that you will be leading the group. Without a scheduled appointment, she comes to the agency before the group to introduce herself to you. She finds you in the hallway and insists on giving you an expensive watch as a gift.How do you handle this situation?4. Beth comes to the agency prior to the group and explains privately to you that she doesn’t really want to attend the group. She is coming because her boyfriend is strongly urging her to do so. How would you handle this situation?5. David sends you a friend request on Facebook. How do you handle this situation?

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