RESPOND TO THE FOLLOWING STUDENT RESPONSESRania postI was left for one year on a deserted island with food ,water shelter and wi-fi only access 1 form of contemplator media on the island ,my choice will be social media. I can have a large audience have connection with your audience can create organic content have access to advertising services build my hand drive traffic to my websites can evaluate my performance. Example of social media is Facebook 2.74 billion users the impact from the media can increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm and even suicidal thoughts. social media may promote negative experiences such as inadequacy about your life or appeared. Social Media has been causing people to change such as their looks or even clothing. Such as, if someone were to brought something that was on the internet and it’s highly popular. They would want to buy it too but the person would buy it for no good reason which would lost so much money which would affect the outcome of their life. This is something that can be related to education.Sabrina postLeft on a deserted island with food, water, shelter and Fi-Fi for one year, the one form of contemporary media I would choose to have would be video streaming service. I would choose video streaming service because my favorite thing to do in my down time is watch television programs. It is comforting to me to sit back and watch television and it is something that I enjoy doing. Whenever stressed or depressed, television programs give me something to focus on and entertain myself, helping me not focus on what is going on in my life that is stressing me out or causing me to be sad. As a child, I experienced some traumatic things and my parent would put me in a room to watch television during those times and that was my comfort, and can remain my comfort to this day because I can watch television anywhere thanks to video streaming. Video streaming service has impacted American culture through its accessibility to watch programming from any device. We have became accustomed to binge watching programs, not wasting time on advertising and this has pulled us away from public television and cable television. It also pulls us away from conversation with others, since the programming is at our finger tips where-ever we go. Video streaming services also are forever impacting surges in American culture from the programs they show. When a show on a video streaming service takes off and gains mass popularity (also due to its accessibility, binge-watching ability, and social media), the program itself can create a new craze in America. For example, when Netflix aired a new series about an orphaned girl who becomes a chess prodigy, The Queens Gambit, it gained viewers quickly and according to Hak (2021), “The interesting thing is that the show didn’t just entertain viewers, it also set off a new craze for the board game, with chess set sales skyrocketing”.Discussion Question1. Share a time outside of school when you took notes on something so you could use/act on them at a later time. This might come from a multitude of things, like a home project, shopping for a computer, instructions on how to cook a recipe or make something, meeting with a contractor for work in the home, items your children needed when going to school, projects at work, learning a new technology, information about client needs, notes on a presentation, and so on. How important were your notes in helping you complete your task later? Explain.2. As you review the instructions for Final Project II this week (both the guidelines and rubric document and the project template), what pieces of information stand out as being important? What strategy from the reading this week resonated with you that you could apply to help organize your notes on this important project?3. Finally, what type of information might you encounter in your specific degree program or career that would benefit from the strategies reviewed this week?Respond to Gary and Tiffany post  and work to expand the discussion by contributing unique, relevant content (personal/professional experiences or examples) or by expanding and adding depth to the thoughts and ideas shared by your peers (presenting different strategies in the book, or new ideas and thoughts, or similar personal/professional experiences to connect with)Gary postOutside of school, I find myself taking notes on a regular basis. Recently, I had added more money to my investment portfolio and was trying to decide which ETF (exchange-traded fund) would be the best addition for diversification. I narrowed my selection down to two potential ETFS, based on past performance, but ultimately had to choose one. I decided to take notes on the two ETFs top 10 holdings and their weight within the ETF. After gathering the information from both of the potential ETFs I went and researched each of the companies in their top 10 holdings. I gathered information on their past performance and financials, then overall weighed the pros and cons of each before making my final decision.My notes were extremely helpful in choosing which ETF to invest in. It saved me valuable time when analyzing the information I had gathered. Instead of going back and forth between numerous different webpages, all of the information that I needed was on two pages of paper.  It also helped to be able to have a side-by-side comparison of the information I was attempting to process. By utilizing my notes I was more efficient with my time and more easily accessed the information I required.As I reviewed the Final Project Guidelines I find that the section discussing blackholes will be highly important. I believe this section will be important because I feel that it is necessary to identify the things that may affect our goals. By identifying these things we can attempt to control them, to minimize their impact on our goals. After reviewing the reading, I think that I will get the most use out of the section that discussed taking too-many or too-few notes. I have done both. If I have too-many notes it is often difficult to decipher which information is necessary to include. If I have too-few of notes then I find myself lacking necessary information. It will be key to me to balance this out and to identify the key terms and key information necessary for me to include in my final project.In my career-path, finance, I will encounter all sorts of information that I will need to utilize. I will have appointments with clients, client information and client goals that I will have to account for. My success will heavily rely on my ability to organize and analyze the information that I receive. I will need to be extremely stringent in my note-taking. By doing so, I will be able to easily access the information I need to be successful, and to help my clients reach their goals.Tiffany postWhile working in Property Management, there are a lot of laws required to know so that everyone can remain happy and compliant.  There were usually meetings at least once a month to refresh individuals on such laws, I always took notes in these meetings, because secretly there would be “shoppers” testing our knowledge in the leasing office.  Plus, I was an Administrative Assistant, I was my duty to know these rules, regulations, and laws.When our office would get “shopped” by a secret shopper, I always aced the test!  Helping contribute to our high ratings within our organization.  The notes also came in hand for daily interactions with Customers over the phone and in person.  Without those notes that I often took in our meetings, misleading information could have been given out, disciplinary action could have been taken against me, or worse legal action could have followed.A section that stood out to me from our readings was to take control of my education.  I value this segment of our learning, because so often I believe people want to blame circumstances on their failures, which reminded me to dig deeper.  Meaning, if there is something that I missed on a particular day, need clarification on, or something of that nature how fair is it to blame someone else… Especially when I know that I have been distant, absent, or effortless.  I believe now is the time to become proactive with my education, and help my Professor help me.Going into the Human Services field is constant research, constant note taking. This is 80% of the job give or take, reading and writing.  Becoming more organized and detailed with my time will be extremely helpful, I plan to incorporate the skills that I’ve learned thus far immediately.DISCUSSION QUESTIONChoose a problem or issue that you would like to resolve. Of course, only share what you are comfortable sharing. Address the following items about your problem or issue:Describe a problem/issue.As a solution-focused therapist treating a client with this same issue, describe what techniques you would use.Describe possible goals for this client.Describe possible interventions for this client.Identify the possible outcome with this client.Please include in your answer some of the following “solution-focused therapy” terminology: alternative story, coauthoring a new story, deconstruction, dominant story, exception questions, externalizing conversations, miracle question, not-knowing position, problem-saturated story, re-authoring, scaling questions, storied lives, problem talk, change talk, narrative letters.RESPOND TO Logan and Anna cox post be constructive and professional in asking questionsI’m not sure about anyone else, but this debate has been tough for me. I’m not used to allowing anyone to see my problems. However, I can see how this practice can help us become stronger therapists, and, in my experience, we all need to deal with our own problems before we can help others. But here we go…I suffer from depression, as do many others, including those in this class. I have to do with mine nearly every day. It has nothing to do with being around people, but with making things “right” or ensuring that someone else is pleased and fulfilled and that I haven’t failed them. I’ve been dealing with this my whole life, even when things seem to be getting easier, they quickly deteriorate.As a solution-oriented practitioner, I will, of course, set the target of keeping the client focused on their own well-being and then use scaling questions to help the client understand how to handle reducing fear when it happens. A couple of questions might be, “What’s the worse that can happen if the party starts late?” or “Was someone’s reaction to something beyond your control?”One aim for this client may be to schedule a get-together with some buddies and let them make all of the big decisions by only providing assistance without making “suggestions.” Another aim would be to refrain from playing “hostess,” allowing others to take on the role. In another area, a target may be to concentrate on the client’s own well-being. Put themselves first rather than putting off what needs to be done.One potential intervention will be an attempt and shift the mentality that someone must be pleased or fulfilled, even though it means sacrificing the client’s happiness or satisfaction. Have the customer rely on the fact that if they are comfortable taking care of their own problems, it would be simpler and more positive for them to support others if they are not worried about what they did not do. As fear arises.One potential result is that the customer becomes more self-focused, and therefore satisfied, recognizing that her company is being handled and that she does not have to manage circumstances. She should also understand that everyone is responsible for their own reactions and happiness and that no one should change that.Anna postA problem or issue I would like to discuss is that of anxiety disorder. This disorder can cause extreme fear, or worry over simple tasks and situations and can result in panic attacks (sweating, fast heart rate, trouble breathing etc.). This is an issue that is becoming more and more consistent in our society, we have so much pressure to be perfect or secure that it is difficult to hold our heads above water and our anxiety about our future creeps into everyday tasks.As a solution-based therapist I would recommend a specific therapy to assist with anxiety disorder, this would be Cognitive Behavioral therapy. “Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach to solving problems concerning dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and cognitions through a goal-oriented, systematic procedure” (Lee & Edget, 2012). CBT techniques can include self-reflection and guided discovery, behavioral experiments, cognitive restructuring, journaling, stress techniques, role playing, etc. This type of focus can be very effective in treating anxiety, depression and other disorders.Using CBT as an intervention tool can help the client set attainable goals and pull them into the present. As their therapist some of the best intervention tools I would recommend through CBT would be journaling, setting goals and stress techniques. I would encourage them to practice breathing as a stress technique when they are experiencing panic or anxiety and to focus on their senses, touch, smell, sight, etc. to bring them into the present and their surroundings as opposed to their inner thoughts and fear.A possible goal would not only to make their anxiety manageable but to do something that their disorder previously would not allow them to do, like apply for that job they want but are afraid of going for it, or asking their crush out, embracing an activity they have avoided, etc. Striving for confidence and alleviating their stress could have very positive outcomes for the patient, to the point where even faced with a negative outcome that they were fearful of they have learned to cope with it and understand it is not the end of the world if something goes awry.DISCUSSION QUESTIONRespond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:What is your definition of “the good life?” Would you say that you live a “life above zero?” Integrate information from the reading to explain your answer.RESPOND TO Horace and April post be constructive and professional with responsesHorace postI believe the definition of the good life is a life that possesses the maturity and knowledge to support not only themselves but also the evolving world around them. As mentioned in our readings, there are virtues of the good life that one can use to measure their maturity and I believe this is important to understand when measuring where this individual may fall on the scale of positivity. For example, I consider myself someone who possesses the virtues of “the good life”; however, I often fall below zero in life depending on my circumstances and environments. I believe this is a direct result of my ability to adapt quickly to environments, people, and situations; therefore, creating a life below zero unknowingly in most cases. As I continue maturing in life, I try to identify opportunities to avoid situations that may invite a “life below zero” opportunity however, factors that create a negative life are not always immediately present. As of late, I try to exercise prudence a bit more and while I am confident I will overcome certain circumstances and live a life above zero, my ultimate goal is to find sustainability living above zero.April postMy definition of “the good life” would be being able to balance and create stability in all areas of life like; Work, school, health, relationships, and family. Life has its ups and downs, It can at times be positive and negative. How we perceive these challenges makes all the difference. Yes most of us want financial security, love, Happiness, and sunny days. I believe that our struggles help us to see things from a different perspective and make us stronger, as well as appreciate the good things. I think the good life is being understanding, helpful, loving, kind, having a purpose that will benefit yourself as well as others. I have had a hard and difficult life, growing up in the system. Probably one of the worst things for a child is to not have your parents to love you, protect you, nurture you, and teach you how to be a good person. But I look at those experiences as my teacher. It showed me what kind of person I didn’t want to be and what kind of mom I will be. I benefited from my trials and tribulations, whereas most people would not see it that way. Today I can appreciate the positive and the negative. I am resilient and can adapt to my surroundings rather quickly. I always try to focus on the positive even in negative situations, because in every negative there is a positive you just have to be open-minded and look past the bad stuff. Today I can say I absolutely “Live Life Above Zero”!

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