I. Please answer three out of these five questionsCan we identify “care ethics” with feminist ethics? What aspect of traditional ethics does “care ethics” criticize?  What is the basic proposal of the advocates of this theory for improving ethics in general?Discuss the different ways in which freedom can be compatible with determinism.Discuss the different reasons why freedom cannot be compatible with determinism.What is meant by a ‘right’? Explain the origins of rights, and their various uses according to the different interpretations that have been discussed in class.This semester we have studied several types of social contract theory. Hobbes, Rousseau and Locke relied on a theory of nature to ground their contract theory, but their understanding of basic human nature varies. Rawls instead discusses the “veil of ignorance” and finally Gauthier proposes a contract that only guaranties a minimal set of principles. What do their contractarian ethics have in common, and how can they be so different?  Include in your discussion what you think are the benefits of this kind of theory.II. Choose two of these five questions (please don’t answer the topic that you presented in class).On abortion: Steinbeck bases her defense of the morality of abortion on the “interest view,” and makes a strong argument against the anti-abortionist “potentiality argument.” On the on the other hand, thinking he has overcome the “interest view” and the “potentiality argument,” Don Marquis argues that abortion is immoral. Steinbeck disagrees. Explain the issues involved in the “interest view’ and the “potentiality argument.”On homosexual sex: Perhaps the main argument against homosexual sex is that it is unnatural. Explain Corvino’s and Finnis’s opinions about this issue?On the death penalty: In our discussion of the death penalty, Bright emphasized (among other reasons) the failures of the system to argue against death penalty, while Pojman focused on the importance of “retribution” and “deterrence.” Explain the argument you find more persuasive?On terrorism: Explain how the definition of terrorism affects the discussion about the moral status of terrorism.Police Deceit: Christopher Slobogin believes that sometimes deceit and trickery should be allowed when it comes to the police; but he also sees the problems and dangers. Explain the conditions under which deceit could be allowed and the dangers that must be avoided according to this author. Would Margaret Paris agree with his fundamental argument?PLEASE USE THE TEXT BOOK third edition consider ethics by Bruce wallerAND I NEED IT IN 3 HOURS! URGENT

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