Review: Think about a health concern you are experiencing right now.What is the condition?How is stress related to the  problem?Respond:What message is your body sending you about how you’ve been treating it?Participate in a healthy behavior.What signals does your body give you indicating that the activity was beneficial?Reflect:Write a paragraph reflecting on how frequently you listen to the feedback your body is giving you and explain how you can use that feedback to help you feel better.Second PartReview and apply the POPP formula for prevention for one day.(Power of Positive Perception: There is an actual POINT in time where your thoughts initiate the stress response. You can choose a POSITIVE thought to respond to the events in your environment. This positive PERCEPTION will stop the stress response from activating. You have PREVENTED unhealthy and unproductive stress.)What positive thought did you use?Describe the events throughout the day that would normally initiate the stress responseExplain your experience with applying the POPP FormulaReflect on how applying the POPP formula affected your day

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