WatchThe Nature of the Mind–Part One: The Roots of Psychological Disorder.Please note that the video is dense and may be difficult to understand upon first viewing. You are encouraged to watch the video more than once over the course of several days to better understand the conversation in more depth.PLEASE ADDRESS ALL THE FOLLOWING NUMBERED POINTS(1)Reflect on the video,The Nature of the Mind–Part One: The Roots, J. Krishnamurti Online (Producer). (1982, April 16). The nature of the mind–Part one: The roots of psychological disorder and share your thoughts (2)What is your understanding of the nature of the mind?(3)Describe healthy mental functioning?(4)What leads to changes in one’s mental state to the point that psychopathology (unhealthy mental functioning) is demonstrated?(5)What is the relationship between the mind and other aspects of the human (e.g., body, personality, spirit, family, community, society, etc.)?(6)Include one graphic (e.g., image, picture, drawing, table, chart) to depict your understanding of the relationship between the mind and other aspects of the human(7)How does culture impact one’s understanding of the mind and one’s understanding of mental health?(8)Comment on the use of diagnostic manuals and handbooks including how they may limit our understanding of psychopathology?

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