CE 121 – Topic Report- shear strain

Each student will submit a written 1,000-word report on a mechanics material topic of their choosing.Reports will be graded for both content and writing quality.Students should refer to the Technical Writing Guidelines provided on Blackboard.In the report, students shall provide the following sections, which must at least address the listed subcomponents:


a.Introduce both the assignment and topic.

2.Theoretical Background

a.Explain the main concepts related to the topic.

3.Impact on life forms

a.Discuss applications of this topic.

b.Explain how life forms (e.g. humans, mammals, etc.) are affected by engineers’ application of the topic.



a.Site all references using ASCE formatting.(You may find these pages helpful:http://www.citationmachine.net/american-society-of… and http://library.canterbury.ac.nz/services/ref/asce….. )

Note:Talking about the applications of your topic is insufficient to meet the expectations of the report.You must also talk about how those applications affect life forms.This may require you to use non-engineering references.E.g. talking about cars as an application of torque satisfies 3a in the report outline.However, 3b requires that you expand on all the implications of cars, e.g. city expansion, increased business productivity, travel, pollution, etc.


technical guidelines are attached

use textbook as one reference: Hibbeler, R.C.Mechanics of Materials, 10th Ed.Pearson/Prentice Hall

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