In this module you were introduced to the SHELL model. Write a module case study analyzing and explaining the purpose, structure, and use of the SHELL model. Compare and evaluate the SHELL model with the SHEL model. Relate the SHELL model to aviation human factors and aviation safety. Support your work with a reliable source(s).

Note: It is important that you develop an understanding of the purpose and design of the SHELL model. In subsequent modules you will develop a human factors knowledge base that you will apply in Module 5 to a practical application of the SHELL model.


A Module Case Study is a critical analysis and evaluation of a specific case or subject. For this course a Module Case Study must:

  • Be two pages in length, double-spaced.
  • Consist of a title (accurately reflective of the topic), an introductory paragraph, one to three body paragraphs, and a summary paragraph.
  • Include information obtained from primary or secondary sources beyond those listed in the Module.
  • Include proper APA (current edition) citations and references (with the references listed on a separate last page).
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