Friday 9th November, 12noon

Wiki Exercise #3: Social Movement Case Study 6%

Submitted via your own Wikibooks User Discussion Page.

In their introduction to The Social Movements Reader, Goodwin and Jasper write that:

‘It is often social movements that develop new ways of seeing society and new ways of directing it. They are a central part of what has been called “civil society” or the “public sphere”, in which groups and individuals debate their own futures.’ (2015: 5)

Draw from a case study that you consider to be a social movement.

Write a 3000-character mini-essay on your User Discussion Page addressing this social movement in relation to Goodwin and Jasper’s observation, using captioned images from Wiki Commons to illustrate your argument if necessary. Full references list should be given at the end of your essay.

You should draw from at least two other peer-reviewed sources that discuss the role of technology and communications in social movements.

Feedback given no later than Fri


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