Week 5 Individual Assignment – Reporting

Using SQL Server® Data Tools, create a final report of ALL employees with their Job information.

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  1. Select only those columns from each table that make sense for this type of report (HINT: Do not use all the columns)
  2. Join all three tables for this report.
  3. Execute SQL Query in SQL Server Management Studio
  4. Take screen shot of successful execution of the Query.

Create report in SQL Server® Data Tools

(See tutorial for how to create a report)

  1. Group by Store Name in the Report
  2. Provide a subtotal of salaries by Store and a Grand total of all salaries.
  3. Provide formatting and style to the report to clean it up and make it look professional.

Save the report in a format that will make sense to the audience.


  • Final Report in readable format (PDF)
  • Notepad file with Code used to create the report
  • Screen shot of the successfully executed code

DO NOT ZIP files!

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