My work consist in Interviewing a nurse manager to explore the external factors that influence decision making such as health policy, regulatory requirements, accreditation, and health care financing.Please, Provide an overview of the role of the nurse manager interviewed summarizing the information from the interview (do not report the interview question by question. Also, need to reflect Perceptions related to impact on health policy on decision, perceptions related to impact of regulatory agencies on decision making, and Perceptions related to impact of health care financing on decision making. Finally, provide an analysis of the interview supported by the literature.PLEASE, DO NOT REFERENCE WEBSITES. ONLY books or JOURNAL ARTICLES (total of 4) PUBLISHED FROM 2017 UP TO NOW. PLAGIARISM must be less than 10 %. Include volume, issue, pages and DOI.4 pages long; , excluding the title, and references page.4 Minimum sources referenced. APA 7 ed.

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