Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:

One thing is certain in health care: Change. Change is both nerve racking yet vital for an institution but management of change is difficult without proper preparation. Planning assessment and communication are vital during any change, without any of these components anxiety, rumor and conflict may envelope a unit embroiled in changed. People tend to be creatures of habit basic assumptions of how things are to work, these basic assumptions are why members of a group perceive, feel and think the way they do about issues and factors that affect those issues. Financial reward for completion of a task and being able to question authority are examples of basic assumptions (Young 2000). Failure to communicate as exampled in the DQ would cause an upset in the regular assumptions of the employees of this unit and would create a barrier of trust between management and front line staff. This may undermine the new manager’s ability to lead staff as it would delay the relationship between her/him and their staff. Resentment may create a lack of respect going forward and some staff may feel as though the change was made out of spite or with little thought as to what is best for the department. As a nurse leader it would be my job to basically be the liaison between the new manager and the staff. I would have to approach this new manager with an open mind and get to know them with unbiased opinion. It would be my responsibility to convey the staffs feeling to management regarding the change and lack of input from the employees. This new relationship would need to be built from the ground up with understanding regarding feelings and opinions from both staff and management. As the nurse leader it would be my responsibility to help maintain the cohesiveness of the department while trying to build a relationship between the staff and new management.


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Young, D., W. 200. The Six Levers for Managing Organizational Culture. Retrieved from;

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