I need this in 24hours Thank you1. Understanding the Business Side of Health Care worksheet.The Business Side of Health Care infographic was created to show individuals how different entities contribute to the health care industry. For a long time most people assumed you were talking about doctors and nurses, i.e., the clinical aspect of health care, when discussing health care. As you complete this course and many others in your degree, it will be important to remember that there is a business side to health care that interacts with different entities to make the health care industry successful. As such, it is helpful if you remember that health care is an industry.Completeÿthe Understanding the Business Side of Health Care worksheet.—————————————————————-2. Medical Terminology Is a Big WorldWhile the title of this course is “Medical Terminology for Health Care Professionals,” it is important to understand that medical terminology encompasses different terms outside of what is typically thought of as body systems. As you complete Part Two of the assignment, remember to consider the Business Side of Health Care infographic that represents different entities and areas within the health care industry and the vast nature of health care terminology.Part One:Writeÿa 90- to 175-word summary that describes the importance of understanding and using appropriate health care medical terminology in your current or future career.Note: Students are encouraged to use WritePoint? Powered by Garmmarly? offered by the Center for Writing Excellence as a resource this week. WritePoint? is a free, 24/7 service in which you can upload your written work to be reviewed for grammar, usage, and spelling.Part Two:It is important to ensure that you are not plagiarizing your assignments during your educational career, especially since honesty and integrity are essential in the health care industry. The University of Phoenix Center for Writing Excellence provides the plagiarism checker Turnitin?ÿfor students to verify that their papers are not plagiarized. The purpose of this section of the assignment is to practice using a plagiarism checker.Saveÿyour summary from Part One to your computer and use the following file name as a guide:HCS120_wk1_medical_terminology_summary_lastnameInclude yourÿlast nameÿat the end of the file name as shown above.Accessÿthe Plagiarism Checker link in this assignment andÿsubmitÿyour summary to Turnitin?ÿfor review.Saveÿthe originality report generated by Turnitin?ÿto submit to your instructor.Note: A Turnitin? student manual is available for you to review the different components of the originality report.Citeÿany peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references used according to APA guidelines.

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